Popular Street Foods in India

Eating on Indian Streets

street food india

If you are planning to visit India, street food is an excellent option to try. The cuisine is rich and diverse and a trip to India’s countless food stalls is an excellent way to explore the country’s culinary heritage. However, it is important to remember a few precautions when choosing food from India’s street food scene. Unfiltered or undistilled water is the number one culprit, so it is crucial to wash your produce before consumption. Fried or grilled dishes are generally safer than meat dishes, which may have been left out for a long time.


Paan, also known as areca nut wrapped in betel leaf, is a popular street food in India. It is commonly consumed as a palate cleanser, stimulant, and breath freshener. It is also said to have medicinal qualities, including easing sore throats. But the real story of paan is much more complex. Its history goes back to ancient India, when a man named Pradhuman invented paan with a fire. Today, the dish is consumed across India, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

Dabeli masala

If you are looking for a spicy street food, then dabeli masala is one of the best options. Made famous in Kutchh, Gujarat, this dish is a favorite of many people in the country. It is a popular snack, and the spicy potato filling inside is sure to satisfy your taste buds. The recipe is easy to follow, and will produce delicious dabeli. To make this delicious street food, simply grind all of the ingredients together and serve.

Mirchi Pakoda

If you have never been to Rajasthan, you are missing out on one of the most delicious street foods in the country, Mirchi Pakoda. This spicy snack is a combination of fried green chilies stuffed with a mixture of spices. Popular in southern India, these spicy snacks are traditionally served with puffed rice and uggani. They are dipped in a batter made of gram flour and are fried until crispy.

Chicken tikka

It is a popular Indian dish that can be made at home. The chicken thighs are boneless, seasoned, and marinated in an Indian spice mix. The first marinade should be mixed well and left aside. For the second marinade, mix hung curd, chicken masala, and coriander powder. Mix well and keep refrigerated for 10 minutes. Then, fry the chicken tikkas in hot oil until golden brown.


Idli street food is a delicious way to enjoy the famous South Indian breakfast. The menu includes varieties of dosa and idli, as well as other mouthwatering South Indian dishes. They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch and even evening snacks. The untamed nutritional value of the food makes them a must-try, and you can easily order the same whenever you visit India.


The samosa is a tasty snack that originated in India but has since spread to various cultures around the world. Its popularity spread from India to North and East Africa, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and even the Mediterranean. As the centuries went by, the samosa’s recipe changed, with each region adding its own unique twist. In turn, these variations made their way back to India, resulting in a variety of samosas that are now a popular food all over the world.

Mutton roll

Mutton roll is a popular mutton dish found in India. It’s prepared on a flat, heated grill with a generous serving of fresh vegetables and a lemon wedge. While you can find this dish all over the country, it’s particularly delicious in Lucknow. There are many variations of the dish. Try to pick one up when you visit. If you’re craving a spicy dish, try the mutton roll!

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