Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body

If you have been looking for a new topwater lure, consider the live target sunfish hollow body. It’s a soft bait lure that has been designed to replicate the movement of a juvenile sunfish. This type of lure is ideal for catching bass in thick cover or slop.

Unlike other hollow-bodied topwaters, the LIVETARGET Sunfish breaks the mold and has an unpredictable movement. The lure also features a weight that allows it to enter the water with a booming splash. In addition, the lure has a custom Trokar double hook that will help keep your presentation weedless.

Live Target Sunfish is available in two sizes, both of which feature a detailed appearance. You can select the lure in assorted colors, including red, green, blue, and more. Whether you’re chasing largemouth bass, bluegills, or bream, you’ll find that the Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body is an excellent option.

The lure can be worked as a stick, a hopping action, or a side-to-side walk. A long twitch will give a wide walk and a shorter one will give a tight walk. There are also different color options, so you’ll find that the Live Target Sunfish is perfect for catching all sorts of different species.

With its soft body and vibrant coloration, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body is an attractive lure that adds versatility to your tackle box. Use the soft bait on slow or fast retrieves to produce a trail of bubbles.

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