ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection

If you have a hidden leak and you’re looking for a way to find out where it is, ADI Leak Detection can help. They specialise in locating underground/underfloor water leaks using non-invasive technology that pinpoints the exact location.

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the UK, with trained engineers located across the county. Having a leak can be devastating for both your home and the environment.

What’s more, hidden leaks often creep along and start to cause damage over an extended period of time, with even catastrophic results – all without your knowledge! ADI can quickly pinpoint any problem with precision, saving you money and stress in the long run.

The Impact of ADI Leak Detection on Water Conservation Efforts

If your water mains supply is leaking, it can be a huge problem for both you and the environment. Not only does it lead to a high water bill, but it can also affect the structure of your home and the ground subsidence that it causes.

The water mains are under tremendous pressure and can crack or break, which can cause major structural issues to your property. Thankfully, ADI Leak Detection have the skills and the high-grade equipment to identify and fix any leak within days.

Swimming pool leaks

Having a leak in your swimming pool is not an easy task, especially if it’s a particularly deep or difficult-to-reach one. Fortunately, ADI has years of experience in finding swimming pool leaks and can usually fix them within a day.

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