Werner Single Step Adjustable Height Work Platform Review

When you’re working at heights of 9 feet or less, a single step adjustable height work platform is a great alternative to ladders. They offer a stable base to stand on that’s much wider than the rungs of a ladder, plus they’re easier on your feet. They also give you a little more room to move around and reach areas that would be harder with a ladder.

Adjustable Height One Step Work Platforms

This model from Werner is a very sturdy, lightweight option with the benefit of folding pretty thin for easy storage and transport. It has a large platform surface that’s 46 inches long and 14 inches wide when the legs are extended, but when they’re folded it’s only about 3 inches thick at the rubber bottom of the feet. There’s no instructions, but it’s really just a matter of pushing the latch button (it’s a little stiff, and you may need to jiggle it a bit) to release one leg at each end of the ladder.

Once you’ve released a leg, you can fold it back up and set it down against a wall without the risk of it falling over or tipping. When you want to use it again, simply remove the locking pin and replace it at a new height to adjust the work platform to your needs. The aluminum framing is durable and lightweight, and the soft 360-degree swiveling casters make it easy to maneuver, both indoors and outdoors. These casters are also ideal for working near sensitive equipment. The platform itself has a heavy duty serrated surface that prevents tools from slipping, and it’s coated in an effective powder coat.

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