Choosing a Paving Supplier

paving supplier

Pavement, or hardscape, is a surface covering made from materials such as asphalt, concrete, stones like cobblestones and setts and even natural stone. It’s an important element in landscaping and is used for sidewalks, roads, patios, courtyards and more. Its use dates back to ancient times and has a wide range of designs.

A paving suppliers a range of pavers, gravels and sands, edging and sealants that are well-crafted and durable. These products are designed to be in harmony with the Pacific Northwest and allow contractors to create a seamless design across outdoor living spaces.

When considering a paving supplier, it’s important to take into consideration the company’s culture and commitment to quality. JM Fahey wanted to work with companies that have similar cultures, a strong track record of collaborative innovation and a focus on personal involvement for their employees.

From Driveways to Pathways: Exploring the Best Paving Suppliers in Your Area

For example, JM Fahey worked with Bomag to develop an innovative system for fines processing and control to increase fuel efficiency for loader operators, improve machine performance and reduce downtime. A key feature of this system is the track paver, which has replaced rubber-tired pavers in most commercial applications. John Hood, Bomag Americas sales manager for paving and milling products, says roughly 90% of commercial contractors now use track pavers. This represents a huge shift over 20 years ago, when roughly 50% of commercial work was done with rubber-tire pavers. This year, he expects that number to continue to climb.

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