Bray Butterfly Valves

bray butterfly valves

The Bray butterfly valves are used in powder or liquid handling applications to isolate or regulate flow. It is a metal disc that rotates to open or close the passageway, allowing the material to pass or be prevented from passing through it. The valve is available in a variety of sizes and materials, including PTFE, ductile iron, stainless steel, and UHMWPE. The body and seat can be bolted (field replaceable) or integral to the valve. This valve type is torque seated, meaning that it requires a specified torque load to disengage the seating components.

The McCannalok high-performance butterfly valve, manufactured by Bray Valve, is an industry-leading double offset design with camming action that eliminates seat wear and provides zero leakage shut-off. It is ideally suited for mission-critical HVAC applications with demanding performance requirements such as high temperature, pressure, and cycles. The valve is tested for bubble-tight shut-off to API 598 standards at the maximum rated differential pressure.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips for Bray Butterfly Valves: Keeping Your Systems Efficient

In addition to its extensive range of valve sizes and materials, Bray offers a full complement of direct-mount electric and pneumatic actuators. These are available in a variety of options, including explosion-proof and fire-safe products with servo, AS-i, and DeviceNet control options and meet PED, ISO, and NEC requirements. The company also provides a complete line of valve automation, maintenance, and technical services.

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