Discover Alberta’s Premier Online Dispensary

Discover Alberta’s Premier Online Dispensary

With its soaring mountain views, sprawling prairies, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, the people of Canada’s westernmost province know how to get out and enjoy life. And they also know how to smoke some quality weed. That’s why we here at GetKush have taken the initiative to bring you the best mail order marijuana in the province of Alberta, one of the world’s hottest emerging markets.

When Discover Alberta’s Premier Online Dispensary, the province expected to bring in big bucks to government coffers – but that hasn’t happened yet. Last year, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) lost a whopping $37 million on cannabis sales. That’s far short of the $877 million net revenue from gambling and liquor combined.

Digital Greenhouse: A Deep Dive into Alberta’s Premier Online Dispensary

That’s because the regulated marijuana industry is still young and volatile. It’s an expensive investment, with only about 20 per cent of licensed producers (LPs) cash flow positive. And the industry is facing stiff competition from illegal marijuana operations in the US, which are much more established and profitable.

Nevertheless, there are signs of progress. For example, the AGLC will allow more private websites to sell marijuana in Alberta starting March 8, provided they meet other requirements such as a robust way of verifying customers’ age and ensuring that kids don’t buy. The agency is also requiring that the sites use their own delivery services rather than third-party vendors. This allows the company to ensure that its staff is involved in every step of the process, including tagging and tracking packages.

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