Top 5 Leather Wallets Made in Australia

leather wallets australia

A leather long wallet for men is a great way to carry your cash and cards. They are durable, weatherproof, and can be worn on your arm or purse. There are many different types of wallets. Some are more useful than others. For example, a tri-fold wallet provides space for extras, while a bi-fold offers room for essential items.

Leather wallets come in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles. Some of the best quality leather is made in Australia.

Harrisson Australia makes leather wallets that are both stylish and functional. Their Billfold wallet is a classic. It’s thin, stylish, and has a money clip. While it’s not for everyone, it’s a good choice for the discerning buyer.

Bellroy is one of the largest wallet brands in the world. This company is known for its innovative approach to manufacturing and designing products. As well as wallets, they have expanded into a wide range of other apparel and accessories. From clothing to sunglasses, their products are built to strong ideals and excellent craftsmanship.

The Essential Guide To Leather Care For Your Australian Mans Wallet

Another Australian leather wallet brand is Angus Barrett Saddlery. These wallets are durable, lightweight, and offer an array of colors. You can even buy a custom leather wallet with your own initials on it.

The Celestial Gypsy has some lux bohemian leather clutches. Its leather goods are handcrafted by artisans around the world. They feature stunning florals and butterflies.

The Australian Made Slim Wallets are handcrafted with 100% solid leather and high quality zips. The company provides a 10 year warranty for its workmanship.

Caster City Casters

Caster City has been manufacturing plate and stem casters for over 30 years. The company offers a large variety of casters, including stainless steel, threaded stem, and expanding rubber stem casters. It also offers swivel, rigid, and replacement casters. Its caster wheels are made of phenolic, polyurethane, polyolefin, and steel.

Do wheels damage hardwood floors?

To install casters to a wooden surface, you need to drill a hole in the surface where the caster will be installed. For casters with stems, you need to use a drill bit with the same diameter as the stem. Also, when installing casters with stem sleeves, be sure to drill the hole deep enough to fit the sleeve.