On the Streets

The World’s Most Famous Street Demonstrations in 2022

famous street demonstrations 2022

If you’re looking forward to the next world’s most famous street demonstrations, you’re in luck. There are already plans for several events in 2022, including a March For Our Lives that will mark the anniversary of the January 6 attacks that left five people dead and sent lawmakers into hiding. This year, however, there are far fewer events planned, and it’s unclear what kind of people will be involved.

In early 2022, Russians were relatively quiet on the streets. Protests by the opposition leader Alexei Navalny resulted in beatings, arrests, and even prison sentences. But after Russia’s war on Ukraine, the streets filled with thousands of demonstrators. Despite the dangers, thousands of Russians stepped out to make their voices heard and show their opposition to the war without cause. The latest wave of Russian protests has yet to gain any momentum, but it may become one of the most famous street demonstrations of all time.