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Benevity’s Top Causes to Support in 2022

causes to support in 2022

During the decade of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and racial injustice were some of the biggest issues in the world. But despite these issues, the Benevity community of corporate clients continued to support humanitarian causes at record highs. Among the top causes to support in 2022, five remained consistent: Give2Asia, Sewa International, Pratham USA, and Goonj.

Despite these setbacks, the world’s poorest people should still consider making a donation to nonprofits focused on solving problems in the world today. The health crisis has changed the way we approach philanthropy and the way we think about giving. We are no longer confined to the philanthropic efforts of corporations and the rich. The global pandemic has increased the number of causes we should support, from the United Nations to local nonprofit groups.

While the world is a smaller place than it was in the past, technology continues to revolutionize the way we support community causes. It can increase fundraising efforts, simplify volunteer management, and engage supporters. Apps, for example, allow nonprofits to engage supporters from different demographics and age groups, making them more accessible and flexible. Social media platforms are more vital than ever before for nonprofits to reach their supporters. According to the World Wide Web, there will be 4.48 billion social media users by 2022.

Nonprofits can increase their impact by partnering with employees. Employees have a desire to help others, and companies can do just that by sponsoring a program. Giving can be an effective way to boost employee morale and improve public image. But corporate giving is not enough to sustain nonprofits. Nonprofits need a strong corporate partnership to remain viable. Therefore, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the trends and look for new opportunities.

The Global Fund for Women is an organization that provides grants to grassroots movements to fight for women’s rights. The organization also produces case studies, research findings, and media programs on women’s issues. Since the organization was founded, it has given grants to 12,242 grassroots women’s organizations and funded 10,876 female leaders fighting gender-based violence. The Global Fund for Women has funded over 29,000 water projects worldwide, but you can also get your team access to a free meditation app.

WILPF is another organization to consider. The organization has helped nearly 519,700 women affected by war and armed conflict. Their efforts have improved access to education for women and enabled them to participate in high-level peacemaking meetings. In addition, WILPF also provides free health products to 100 mothers in DRC and supports a wide range of initiatives for women’s empowerment and awareness-raising. They also have a website that allows donors to donate and sponsors.

Donations from individuals can make a significant difference. By supporting a number of organizations and charities, you’ll increase the effectiveness of your charitable contributions. Consider supporting organizations that have a proven track record, are responsive to questions, and communicate their results in a clear manner. While it’s always better to support worthy causes, it’s also important to choose efficient methods of donation. Choose salary sacrificing donations, use local grantmaking organizations, and donate through funds.